Our History

The story of Kalimna Hotel started in 1886, with the opening of the hotel, this was only four years after the very first hotel opened in Lakes Entrance. It was thought Kalimna and Jemmy’s Point offered the best scenery to be found in the lakes. We totally agree, we think the Kalimna Hotel has the best views of any hotel in Australia! The Kalimna Hotel is an historic pub in a picturesque coastal location that is popular with families and young active adults for year-round getaways, fishing and camping and outdoor recreation.

Many travellers came by boat to the Kalimna Hotel, in 1890 the hotel proprietor built a jetty. The jetty is still a popular way for our customers to reach the Kalimna Hotel.  

In November 2023 we took over as proprietors of the Kalimna Hotel with the hopes and dreams of again having the Kalimna Hotel as the number one destination for locals and tourists alike. We are passionate about providing the very best experiences for our customers when they visit the Kalimna Hotel.

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